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Other Marine Services
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Load Test Inspection
  • Oil Particle Analysis
  • Filtration Systems
  • Davit Services
  • Mechanical Services

Reverse Osmosis Systems

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of RO concepts and systems to call on, and employing factory-trained personnel, Dememarine Services have the skills and expertise needed for installing, upgrading and maintaining on-board RO systems of every type.

Load Test Inspection

Dememarine Services personnel are able to inspect, test, and certify shore-based material handling devices such as crawler and hydraulic cranes, tower cranes, floating cranes, jib cranes, overhead bridge cranes, derricks, hoists, barge loading spouts, suckers and other specialized stevedoring gear which may be found in the marine industry.

Oil Particle Analysis
Small samples of used oil can reveal critical information regarding the health and condition of both a machine and the lubricant that is being used to protect its components. Dememarine Services has significant expertise in the analysis and identification of contaminants in marine lubricants, and can produce concise reports summarising the condition of machinery and lubricants.

Filtration Systems
Critical to the health and well-being of both personnel and machinery, filtration systems are a vital part of every vessel. Dememarine Services employs teams of highly-skilled engineers who are able to install, service and retrofit filtration systems for any on-board requirement – from drinking water to lubricants to air quality.

Davit Services

We have the full capability to carry out all Davit and Winch inspections, service programs and maintenance as required by marine regulators. Our trained personnel will assure shipowners, surveyors, ship’s officers and crew that equipment fully complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations and operating parameters.

Mechanical Services

Our experienced engineers and technicians undertake a wide range of general marine engineering work, always delivering high quality workmanship – providing the right solution for any situation or requirement. Extensive knowledge of the shipping industry combined with our strict standards guarantees regulatory compliance.